Nature Shades

When your wardrobe has grown to a considerable size, comprising most essential menswear pieces, it’s time to start throwing some less conventional additions to the mix. Nonetheless, it’s curious to see how sometimes you start looking at those core essentials in different ways, experimenting and pairing what until then, didn’t resonate as obvious choices.

This was just the case with this outfit: although cargos have slowly been out of the equation in recent times, they most often prove a reliable alternative to denim, chinos or slacks, when you’re aiming to portray a different ensemble. This washed-out dark green version called for a brighter shade on top, perfectly filled by the beige piquet two-button blazer. The earthy color palette seamlessly blended with the wintery nature background, while accessories such as the floral printed scarf, plaid pocket square and vintage shades highlighted the overall look.

Details: beige piquet blazer by Massimo Dutti, cable knit sweater by H&M, denim shirt by Hentsch Man, green cargo pants by Uniqlo, leather penny loafers by Lottusse, floral scarf by Èpice, plaid pocket square by Add-On, vintage shades.

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira

(via beyondfabric)

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    Nature Shades When your wardrobe has grown to a considerable size, comprising most essential menswear pieces, it’s time...
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